SCHEURICH West German Pottery 549 Red-Orange Drip Lava Vase

SCHEURICH West German Pottery 549 Red-Orange Drip Lava Vase

  • Form 549 Vase, base mark obscured by glaze

  • DIMENSIONS: 8.5"H x 5"D x 5"W

  • Excellent condition

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Pretty vase with lava "drip" pattern in red-orange and yellow over a red base. A pottery accent for any room that brings shine and color. A vibrant colorful housewarming gift or use anywhere at home to add a dash of color.

Founded in 1928 by Alois Scheurich as a wholesale business for glass, china and ceramics, later post-war potteries across Europe began introducing thick textured drip glazes, creating bubbling crater effects, introduced partly as artistic design elements by potter-designers and partly to invigorate the buying market's interest. Later labeled “fat lava” by a few 21st century collectors, Scheurich, widely available throughout the 60-80's fat lava production period in Germany, remains the largest collectible line today, available in literally hundreds of shapes and color combinations.
Marking: Moulded to the base in a semi-circle - 3/4 digit form number followed by a hyphen - size in centimeters. May be obscured by glaze.