STREHLA East German Pottery Chimney Vase

STREHLA East German Pottery Chimney Vase

  • Green with areas of iridescence.

  • Dimensions: 7"H x 4"W x 2.5"D

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The Strehla Factory, founded in 1828, named after the Saxony, Germany town began with a production line of utilitarian and decorative ceramics.  When the area came under East German rule from 1950 thru 1980 is was known as VEB Sachsen, Steingutfabrik Strehla (VEB-- Volkseigener Betrieb-- means State owned/the People's Company/Business).

East German production tended to be more conservative than that of the West and Strehla's 60-70's-era featured a tub-lined lava glaze added by hand.  Marked with an ink stamped "Strehla", model numbers are impressed in the base, and are generally hard to read. More rare than West German goods, general quality deteriorated during the 60s and may have contributed to the company's closure in 1989.