CARSTENS "Atelier" Mustard Yellow Jug Handled Vase

CARSTENS "Atelier" Mustard Yellow Jug Handled Vase

  • Earthtones in mustard yellow through rust

  • Paper label attached

  • Heavy drip glaze

  • Mark on base

  • 11”H x 8”W x 8”D

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Carsten's was founded in 1848 as a wholesaler for glass, ceramic and porcelain ware. Through a variety of changes and factories lost to the USSR loss after WWll,  Between 1962-1964 Gerda Huekeroth created the "Atelier" collection and from 1968-1976 the Arelier line was represented by Italian ceramic producer Franko Pozzi in Gallarte, The Atelier range was more expensive-- launched in 1962-- and designed by Gerda Heuckeroth.