Vintage Ü-KERAMIK West German Pottery Vase

Vintage Ü-KERAMIK West German Pottery Vase


Ü-KERAMIK West German Pottery 1019 Vase

  • Chartreuse interior

  • 1960’s

  • Dimensions: 10"H x 5.5"W x 5.5"

  • Condition: Excellent vintage

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BACKGROUND: Founded as a metals production company in 1909 by Johann Überlacker, Überlacker was taken up by the founders sons in the 1950s, turning it to the production of ceramics. By 1955 there were 25 different vases in production including a variety of wall plates, the popular "Chimney" vase and director Heinz Hommerich's fiery red glaze— one of the first mass produced glazes in Germany— containing the toxic chemical Selenium! A white clay product usually base-marked by form size and size numbers in centimeters separated by “/”, the usually incised but occasionally embossed details are also in a distinctive text font. The company closed in the 1990’s due to unfortunate investments in Ireland.